Throughout the CancerMaps study it was identified that individuals had many different preferences for information. Some preferred to listen, others liked video. There were also a number of different languages that were identified by the participants as important both to ensure that individuals could access information they could understand, but also for inclusivity.

The quick-reference worksheet was also discussed during the study, for this particular page (i.e., visiting a cancer specialist) participants identified a number of things that could be included in a simple reference sheet to help people prepare for their initial cancer specialist visits including: question prompts, a list of items to bring along.

As this project develops, an aim is to develop these alternative formats for sharing the written English web-content to ensure the content is accessible to a wider audience.

Of note, the "printer friendly" version is functional, demonstrating how this content can be transformed into a version that can easily shared in a physical copy. This was identified as the preferred format by some, including those who preferred to consume information in print, not through a screen, and by those who wanted to print information for elderly parents who were not comfortable using a computer.

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