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The second CancerMaps study is now recruiting participants.
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About The CancerMaps Project
The CancerMap project is about empowering people living with cancer by helping them find the information they need to tackle even the most confusing situations.
What Is A CancerMap?
A CancerMap is a guide for navigating one of the many challenges that an individual faces on the cancer journey.
Making a CancerMap involves a careful process that includes working with patients, their support partners, and healthcare professionals to explore a specific cancer related challenge.
The findings of this process are then formatted into the CancerMap format - a unique format developed through scientific research.
Where Are The CancerMaps?
The CancerMaps project is just getting started. Only two CancerMaps have been developed – but more are on the way.
CancerMaps are designed to be found through Google searching. You can also access the CancerMap content by clicking on the “Resources” tab above.